Friday, February 8, 2008

A part of the past

I posted this earlier on my ravelry account, but I'll go into a little more details here.

This was my first knitting project after a 15-year absence from knitting. My mother was in the hospital, the cardiac ICU unit trying to recover from a brain surgery that didn’t quite go the way as planned. I could only see her 10 minutes every two hours. The rest of the time, I was in sitting in a waiting room, with tiny, little, some-what, padded seats.

I have always needed things to keep from going. The artist use to complain that I don't pay attention to T.V. Until, I repeat the last bit of dialog by verbatim.

My mother used to crochet. In fact, she love to crochet until her hands started to hurt. She also taught me how to cast on and how to knit. She disliked knitting. She had made my father a pair of socks back during the first year of their marriage. By the time, he tried them on they went past his knees.

So to stay sane, or as sane as I can be, I started to knitting. I had promised a friend that I would try to make a baby hat for her upcoming baby. They were moving from Texas back home to South Dakota. In the dead of winter!

So I did some looking around on the web and found a basic baby hat pattern. So one day, in the ICU at Harris Southwest, I cast on, yes with Red Heart, and just started knitting.

When I got to the decreases, I just could not figure it out. Please remember, my mother had been in coma for two weeks and all my brain cells weren’t functioning at the time.

So, I bounded off the knitting stitches. Then started a basic swirl in single crochet. When it was big enough to cover the knitted tube. I stopped and sewed (God only knows how!) the crochet top to the knitted tube.

It worked and of course my friend loved it. And that was enough for me.

My mother tried to recovered for six months. Unfortunately, things don’t’ always go the way you want, wish and pray for.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

We'll keep it between us for now

Let’s just say, plenty of folks have been after me to start blog. So as lame as it sounds, I’m starting a blog folks. Yes, I will update it in the very near future.

Meantime look at some pretty photos.